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    Your business is your pride and joy. You have invested significant capital or both time, money, and other resources. The company has been launched and is attracting quite a crowd and your team is starting to relax knowing that everything is going smoothly.

    Now is the time hackers will find a way into your applications, mainframe, and tarnish your brand image causing possibly irreparable damage.

    In our cyber day and age, information is available at the tips of our fingers. Some will use this information to progress society, others will use it as a lucrative place to commit crimes at your expense. Yet, there are ways to protect yourself, and it all starts with understanding your applications, vendors, and employees.

    Your Business Is Always At Risk
    Many business owners are under the impression that because they are not major players that they will not be targeted. In fact, they are more of a target because the big companies have elaborate security measures and go through extensive measures to ensure their mainframe is secure. If hackers can get past them, imagine how fast they can get into an application that uses a flimsy password or no authentication methods? Worse yet is the disturbing trend of using the same password over and over, or even worse, using one application to a link to other applications using the same password and username combo!

    As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your customers and employees. Use secure passwords, use unique passwords for every application. Also, you need to realize that not all applications are like the others. Be sure to read into the product, including the reviews, complaints, and how the company interacts with customers on their website. Your application developers need to be as concerned with their security as you are with yours.

    Train Your Employees
    Often, companies can be hacked due to the negligence of workers. For the most part, this is not a malicious attempt on the firm, but instead, they accidentally left the back door unlocked in terms of applications.

    When you are installing a new application, you need to train your employees how to conduct themselves while using it. Some applications will require specific login sites, others will allow employees to log into any system, not just from the secure workplace. Be sure that you allow them to ask questions and become fully immersed in any new application you add. Not to mention, if they understand it’s in’s and out’s they can properly help customers navigate it too.

    Understand Your Program
    There is a lot of pressure put on developers to get a website up and to run as soon as possible. Plus, they have the task of maintaining these sometimes massive sites. It is a time-consuming task! However, they have another important task that needs to be noted. They are able to spot holes in the application before it reaches a critical point. The issue is, however, is that often, security is bypassed for speed. Allowing your team to pick through the application, update it as needed, and search for patches as they are released is paramount to keeping your business secure.

    Create a Recovery Plan
    At some point in time, you will be targeted. It is a good practice to use the “STRIDES” method to understand threats that may impact your business. (STRIDES stands for Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information disclosure, Denial of service, Elevation of privilege). With this model, you can quickly pinpoint where there are possible weaknesses in your application. With that in mind, you can build your website and applications to navigate these issues with minimal hassle. However, you can use this same model to help matured applications prepare for the worst. From installing a strong firewall, to encrypting data, these are multiple layers of security you can impose to ensure a hacker will never be able to breach your site.
    When creating this plan, be sure to think of multiple scenarios. Planning on a hacker to follow one path is a sure fire way not to see them coming in through the window so to say. If you have multiple paths covered, you can make sure that your website or application has minimal downtime, no leaked information, and your reputation is still intact.

    Make Security a Core Priority
    If security is practiced every day, then updating applications, testing vendors, and making your framework secure will not be a chore. Instill in your employees and all related staff that a business is an investment. If you do not protect that investment, it can become damaged very quickly. It requires the effort and participation on all fronts to be secure. You can create a security branch in your office, yet it will do nothing if others are undermining their efforts. Everyone is responsible for the safety and security of the firm.

    Relish the Small Things
    Not every issue with upgrading your security will feel like a battle, some will, some won’t it is just the nature of this problem itself. One of the main things that needs to be remembered is that you need to see each step at becoming more secure as a massive stride. Not only are you safer than you were yesterday, but you are also taking away chances of becoming a target for criminals. Ensuring that you are not an easy target is not always easy on the business side of things, so be sure to remind your team of the great job they are doing. Remember, teamwork is everything!
    Keeping your business or application secure may seem like a daunting task, but in all reality, it is much easier if you practice these good habits from day one. Yet, even for those who are more established, we can all learn a thing or two about how to keep our investment safe. As a business owner, keeping your employee data, enterprise data, and most of all, your customer’s data secure. So step up your game and start working with these few tips to get your application more secure. It is easy and well worth the time.

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