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"During a 22 year career in the armed forces (as a Paratrooper) I was fortunate to conduct numerous tours of Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq, whilst serving I also volunteered and was successful in working in organisations considered ‘Special Employment’, working with highly sensitive" intelligence.

Following my career in the Armed Forces (leaving in 2008), I returned home to Sunderland with my family where I began a career with Northumbria Police training IT systems, Information Security and Data Protection. In 2011 I moved to NCG as Head of Information Systems Security across a ‘Group’ of organisations, I also implemented commercial penetration testing across the group and supply chain. In 2016, I left NCG to take up a position as IT and Information security Manager at Northumbria University where I was solely responsible for all aspect of IT and Information Security.

I have worked in most areas of information and IT security from penetration testing, policy and procedure, governance and compliance, education training and awareness, data protection and more recently GDPR."

Kevin has a wealth of experience of developing cybersecurity solutions for the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Welsh Assembly Government and education sector.

United Kingdom
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